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Deacon Mosley

Information Technology Specialist

I have been a technology enthusiast since I was very young and my parents puchased a Commodore 64. I remember studying and coding in basic for hours to make a single pixel move across the screen or write my own text based games.

In 2007, I graduated from OSU's Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Technology in Information Assurance and Foresics and an Associate of Science in Information Technology and today I have over 13 years of professional experience. I have been responsible for an entire organization as well as the member of a large team serving as a single stakeholer in a large project. This has given me a very broad skillset and experience working both individually and with a team working to bring a large project to fruition.

Working with so many individuals with varying levels of technical knowledge has taught me how to communicate what I do effectively. While the problem solving of what I do itself brings instant gratification, the real icing on the cake is customer satisfaction. I do my very best to meet others where they are. Technology should make things better and easier and not be a source of frustration. It is incredibly satisfying to bring understanding and help make someone's job or day to day life more productive and enjoyable.


Download a copy of my resume.

Work Experience

Dates Work
2019-Present Contract IT Specialist/Consultant for small business and residential clients. Provide on-site and remote technical support.
Project consulting, recommendations, and implementations.
2012-2019 Database Administrator for local energy company SQL Server DBA, administrator for 500+ databases across ~50 instances
in energy industry.
Backup and recovery, Integration Services, Reporting Services,
stored procedures, scripting, and vendor database customizations.
2010-2012 Contract IT Specialist for a number of projects including large scale infrastructure migrations,
leave substitutes, and long term engagements in system administration and network security. Contract Sample:
  • Exchange upgrade and migration for a medical facility in Phoenix, AZ
  • Information security access control at medical facility in Tulsa, OK
  • Information security access control at energy company in Tulsa, OK
2007-2009 Systems Administrator for local manufacturing company. Performed all functions in IT department including the administration of:
  • local network – LAN traffic management, gateway, VPN, DNS, DHCP
  • data security – Access control and file management, antivirus, IPS
  • infrastructure – Windows Server and Unix, network storage
  • email server – Microsoft Exchange
  • applications – Install, configure, troubleshoot, support
  • hardware – Asset management, maintenance, cabling
  • customer support – Education and issue resolution.

  • Skills

    System Administration 13+ years administration of Microsoft Windows.
    Database administration of Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase,
    MySQL, and PostreSQL. Backup management, planning, and testing.
    Domain and application access control.
    Security systems management including firewalls,
    intrusion prevention systems, and malware identification and removal.
    Update/upgrade planning, testing.
    Network management of DNS, DHCP, aliases, gateway rules, Wi-Fi, and VPN.
    Project proposals, planning, and implementation.
    Intranet and webmaster administration.
    SQL Server Administration 7 years as a Microsoft SQL Server DBA in the energy industry.
    Development of Integration Services Packages for data warehouse and
    other ETL operations.
    Report Development with SQL Server Reporting Services.
    Backup planning, monitoring, and testing.
    In-house development and vendor database customization including DDL,
    DML, stored procedures, triggers, and ETL operations.
    Performance and alert monitoring with tuning and incident response,
    troubleshooting, and resolution.
    Development 7 years of SQL development using T-SQL, OpenQuery,
    Integration Services, Reporting Services, and PowerShell.
    Script/automation development in Basic, Java, PowerShell,
    bat files, Bash, Korn.
    Web development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript,
    and content management systems.
    Intermediate level Python skills in admin tool, web, and analytics.

    My Hobbies

    Amateur Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Photography I became interested in flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
    or drones in 2019.
    Believe it or not, flying a craft from the ground still contains much of
    the thrill of actually being on board, but of course with the luxury of
    no risk if it crashes. I especially love photography and cinematography.
    I love the different view and perspective aerial photography offers.
    Martial Arts I began training in martial arts at the age of 13 because
    I was getting bullied at school. I ended up training and
    in and teaching Taekwondo for almost 22 years in the
    American Taekwondo Association as well as
    the International Taekwondo Federation. I also spent about
    ten years training in Wushu Kungfu in several systems, but
    mostly Yang Tai Chi and Nan Quan (southern style).
    I have also studied Wing Chun and, from 2012 to 2019,
    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
    Bodybuilding My father gave me a weight set and bench when
    I was 13 years old and I trained
    religiously in the garage for years.
    I still train a minimum of four days a week.
    Going to the gym is like meditating to me.